Our goal is to provide the food industry and large retailers with an unreplaceable packaging for quality, functionality and versatility of use
Since 1993, Ipack is a company specialized in the manufacturing of thermoformed paperboard trays, suitable for the packing of ready meals, for fresh, chilled and frozen food products. Attention to market trends, research on new materials and ability to apply new solutions together with the customer support, have enabled Ipack to quickly expand its sales to large retailers and food industries In a few years Ipack has consolidated its presence in the Italian market, through technological innovation and a serious and timely service towards its customers.
Ipack is certified ISO 9001:2015
and adopts the Aticelca® 501 evaluation system
Ipack trays are recyclable with paper products (B Category, according to the Aticelca classification). The level of recyclability can increase depending on the weight of raw material (paper) and the thickness of coating films.