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To reach its goals, Ipack has defined the following priorities:

  • Keeping of a Certified Quality System, complying with the current UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 provision.
  • Constant control of the Customer’s Satisfaction, the real company’s heritage, in a way that complaints can be avoided and the relationship is strengthened, to offer the best product in terms of quality, price and support.
  • Creation and strengthening of the relationships with every employee, to put a group capable to offer its best at the customer’s disposal, to contribute both to its own success and to the customer’s.
  • Prevention of the product’s non-conformities through process controls at the different working steps, inside and outside the factory.
  • Concentration on the product’s technical innovation, also through the suppliers’ selection and involvement.

Through this Policy, the company systematically fills the Quality Manual, both guide and reference point in its growth.

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