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1993, the year when Ipack was born.

Some time before, the idea of “producing a tray fit for food packaging, able to stress freshness, communicativeness and visibility. At the same time, the research for a raw material meeting the increasing consumers’ sensitiveness to the environment and the food safety”.
Today Walter Sintoni, Ipack vice-president, says: “Years ago, I had this idea clear in my mind and in my hearth and I strongly felt the desire of creating a company; I found the chance of making my idea come true in the pure cellulose paperboard”.

In less than a decade, Ipack has imposed its competence both on the Italian and the foreign markets, thanks to a continuous technological innovation and an accurate customer service. The large-scale retail trade has been indeed attracted by these characteristics. The newly acquired force has enabled new developments, always accompanied with a great attention to the market expectations, the ecological aspects, the eco-sustainable development, the traceability, …


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